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[Waggle Room] Nick Watney (the stunned recipient of Woods’ largesse in the form of that whiffed birdie putt that would have extended the match) and the rest of the surviving field may not have had Tiger on the brain, but that made 16 golfers not fascinated by the 14-time major champ’s short-game shortcomings.

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[BBC SPORT | Iain Carter] BBC - Iain Carter: Captivating WGC Match Play deserves better ...: I kinda lost a lot of faith in Sergio in the manner Tiger brushed him aside at Hoylake in 06 and although he has come close since, most notably twice to Harrington, he never seems to have developed that sort of steely resolve to intimidate other players when the heat is on. The only way I could see him winning one is if he were to blow the field away, by half a dozen shots or so.

[Golf Swing Tips] Murphy's Law: Mickelson, Tiger reverse roles | Golf Swing Tips: And when it’s not Phil Mickelson shooting 64 at Pebble, there are the Bob Rocks of the world outdueling him in the Middle East. Nick Faldo said he felt Tiger was beaten more mentally than physically, that Phil “bruised” Tiger. Used to be, when Tiger arrived on the first tee, a plane may as well have flown overhead trailing a banner that read: “YOU ARE MENTALLY BEATEN ALREADY.” Now, that same plane might carry the banner: “TIGER’S NOT REALLY THAT CONFIDENT IN HIS PUTTER ”¦ SO IT’S ANYBODY’S BALLGAME.”

[Unofficial Partner] 10 Questions Brand McIlroy Should Ask Tiger Woods | Unofficial ...: Within days of Rory’s Santander deal being announced, Tiger Woods signed a deal with Rolex, his first new sponsor since ”˜Crashgate’. The Swiss watchmaker hopes to profit from Woods’ exposure in the long term, taking a bet that his form and with it his popularity, will return to pre-2008 levels.

[pasti1982] pasti1982 - tiger flashes signs of the old tiger: And what was with Geoff Ogilvy and Charl Schwartzel sporting people mustaches?TaylorMade Burner Superfast Fairway Wood If you prefer symmetry, Australia might fittingly be the boomerang spot for Tiger job, If hes back again, and 2012 is one of those six-win/two-major landmark ages for Tiger, background will be aware that his past profitable displaying, pre-Escalade-into-a-fire-hydrant, was a get for the Australian Masters in 2009,

[rantingandrabin] Tiger Tiger burning bright | RantingandRabin: Well it was truly the media event of the day (well of teatime at least), Tiger Woods bearing his soul for the first time since his 'episodes' were made public.

[Wei Under Par] Tiger Woods' Return: Mostly Pars, All Smiles « Wei Under Par: “The amount of progress I made in my golf swing, the amount of compression I had in the golf ball, the shots I was hitting,” said Woods when asked what he discovered in competition. “I was hitting proper shots out there, and the distances I was hitting the golf ball.

[ | Published News] Hot? Na, Tiger and Northern Ireland. Not? Rory, Watney and the ...: It'd be even cooler if the Tour would give JT a decent date in the "regular season" to ensure his involvement and the long-term health of the tourney. I say add Vegas to the desert swing in February and move Pebble to better weather in the summer, but that's just me.2.

[Golf Blogger] Odds To Win The Frys.Com Open 2011 | Golfblogger Golf News ...: In truth, it’s a little strange to see the Striped One play in the Fall Series with the likes of David Duval, Pat Perez and other somewhat marginal players on the Tour. Tiger’s presence normally signals the appearance of all of the sport’s luminaries.

[Hit & Run] Did the Drug War Make it Any Easier for Whitney Houston to Seek ...: It has come time for to re-think the tax exemption status of theCult of Cats the [ASPCA] The American Society for the Protection ofCruelty against Animals - The Humane Society - and Feral CatSociety, and contributions make by individuals as a tax exemption,as these organizations no longer serve the public or its interests,but that of Rights of select species above all other interests bothpublic and private, that individual contributors may indeedcontinue their donations to these organizations if they so desirebut without a tax exemption, but it would be far better if theircontributions were directed to the interest that would far bettersever the interest of Mankind, and these include [UNICEF], Doctorswithout boarders, the Cancer Society, the AIDS Foundation. TheAmerican - Israeli Military Industrial Complex [The Empire], has[100K] One - Hundred Thousand Veterans of their Wars of EconomicStimulus, spread across the length and breath of its vast territorymay suffering from [PTSD] Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, formallyknow as Shell Shock, one community within its vastness onlyprovides a week of help to these individuals, The Republic ofCalifornia, County of San Diego, and no other, and there is thehope of a vast return to be make by such contributions, which donot contribution to the destruction of private and businessinterests, the destruction of the environment and the placement ofa sub-species interests above that of the human condition, andinterest, the Cult of Cats the [ASPCA] The American Society for theProtection of Cruelty against Animals - The Humane Society - andFeral Cat Society, and contribution are once again upon acontribution drive, it is suggested at after viewing theirpresentations, view those of children around the globe and withinthe local community, who are not Pets, but are part of the HumanSpecies, and re-think which will bring the greater return on theinvestment of contribution dollars, will a [CAT] pest bring aboutworld peace, create a method of feeding the entire worlds growingpopulation, be an artist whose plight needs the greater response,which species, in it is time for a CULT OF CATS - Contribution andTax Exemption Status Re-think

[The LoHud Yankees Blog] Looking back with no regrets | The Lohud Yankees Blog: Yeah but the point is that the circular lineup that you talked about in 1996 had Joe Girardi (less productive than Martin) and the 1998, 1999, 2000 Yankees had Scott Brosius (also less productive than Martin except in 1998 – that team’s black hole was Chad Curtis) so I don’t see how Russ Martin is the guy holding the Yankees back.

[Sports Blog] Like it or not, Charl Schwartzel is making a name for ... - News Blog: “Too bad Schwartzel, an agreeable 26-year-old South African with a controlled swing and game to match, posted a win that has a distinctly forgettable Trevor Immelman-Louis Oosthuizen whiff to it.” .One was Tiger Woods.

[On Par] Teeing It Up for Their Clubs, Not Their Feet - “Honestly, I don’t think I would have been as close to him if I had played football, if I had taken the route he did start to finish,” said Trey, whose victory in the Class 6A golf state championships his sophomore year inspired his change of heart. “He would have had a lot less to learn and a lot more to teach me in football, but in golf, we kind of both have learned and grown together.”

[edtechtesol Elgg Site: topgolfclubs's blog] EdTechTESOL Elgg Site: topgolfclubs's blog: Tiger flashes ...: As forever, all storylines in the Presidents pot need to delay to Tiger Woods. it is the alphabetical purchase with the universe.

[Waggle Room] Tiger Woods makes Couples look good with course-record 62 ...: Perhaps the momentum from breaking the previous course record of 64 (held by 10 players, including Norman, according to Rosaforte) on a pressure-free Friday will be enough to propel Woods to his first victory since November 2009. Couples, who’s come under fire for naming Woods to the Prez Cup team, sure hopes so.

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