Golf Sports Blog > Should fans or press be able to call out rules infractions? [Hooked On Golf Blog] The latest Michelle Wie DQ incident sparks a question that has been coming up regularly in the golf world over the last few years:

Some related posts from Technorati and Google.[] Blogger Leaderboard - Golf bloggers take a good drop on Michelle ...: Finally, I followed a Golf Sports Blog to a review of Tiger Woods new PGA Tour 2006 video game from EA Sports. It can be used to play against your buddies online, wherever they may be, and also an interesting section where you can take Tiger back in time to play the greats. [] Grouchy Golf Blog: . There's just no way that you're going to pry golfers away from their precious Pro V1s to play some findable ball that most wouldn't want to find in the first place. Therefore, I recommend that RadarGolf pursue a strategy to get their product in established golf ball brands. I'm sure that Titleist would be interested to incorporate the RadarGolf chip into their golf balls as a premium feature or product extension. For example, they could retail a dozen regular Pro V1s at $50 and RadarGolf Pro V1s at $60. I think that such a product offering could be attractive to certain golfers. This all sounds great in theory, but we'll have to see how it works in practice.

Wieblog.com [] WIEblog, Where the World Watches Michelle Wie: Taking a proper drop is 100 percent the responsibility of the player. When Michelle was taking the drop, he was pointing in the bush where the ball was originally and he couldn’t see the drop. It was Michelle’s job to figure out the correct line of relief.[] The Golf Blog: Fact or fiction: Michelle Wie got a raw deal: The LPGA admitted that NBC tapes were inconclusive if the drop was closer to the hole, but the rules officials must have thought that a "recreation" of events from yesterday based on Michelle's and her caddie's memories could precisely determine (i) where they found the ball in the bush and (ii) where Michelle dropped her ball. UPDATE: Also, I wonder if the LPGA Rules Official measured off the distance from Saturday's pin placement, instead of Sunday's -- the pin placement establishes the apex for the triangle, so it's possible the ball position could be closer to the hole on Sunday, but further away on Saturday.

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