Golf Sports Blog > Woods apologises for spaz reference at Masters [The News is | The News is Now Public] Woods apologises for spaz reference at Masters "Reuters - Tiger Woods has apologised for comments he made during a television interview after the U.S. Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday." Tiger Woods, PGA, masters, golf, Apology, 37 Views 0 Comments Member Editor 1 day ago | updated 1 day ago Add Footage...

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[] Jaffe Juice: Tiger did it aka the next Nike Commercial: I wonder though, if Tiger's Manager will try to sue you for the rights to use his image to advertise Nike when he's not been paid for it. I can't see them being able to go after Nike since they didn't authorize this, but I could see Nike suing you for using their slogan without permission, or the broadcaster could sue you for reproducing the broadcast. [] - Golf Index: Tiger Woods isn't so much winning golf tournaments these days as everyone else is losing them. He earned another victory at Doral as other players simply gagged, writes Golf World's Ron Sirak.

Pga.com [] First Impressions of Augusta National: Augusta National has so many restrictions -- the caddies have to where white coveralls with green Masters hats, you can't run, you can't bring beverages to the course with labels on them, you can't take food out of the press center, you can't go anywhere without your badge, you can't get in many places WITH your badge, etc. I find it hard to believe that the members at Augusta National allow inclement weather.[] Golf Blog - Is Tiger Woods about finished?: The reason that Tiger won two events in playoffs this year is the fact that despite his status as a superstar, he is known by his peers to be the consummate "grinder." He has the ability to win with flashes of brilliance, but he also can win "ugly." Just imagine what would have been said if Woods had lost those two playoffs and then withdrew from the Nissan! [] Golf Blogger: A Blog About Everything Golf: With Tiger sitting in 25th place after the second day of the Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Invitational—a tournament he is used to winning—an article by Sports Illustrated’s Chris Lewis becomes even more interesting.

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